Tree cutting can be a very dangerous activity if it’s not done right. To begin, never cut down a tree that is next to a power line; the tree can fall on the power line, causing a very real danger of fire and electrocution. There is also a very good possibility that you will have to pay for any damage you to do the power line. Your neighbors will not be very happy with you because of a power outage.

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So how do tree trimming & tree cutting services determine a dead branch versus a live branch without leaves? An experienced tree climber can tell the difference. This is a picture of a Red Maple (Acer rub rum) tree limb, one dead and one alive. The dead limb is a bit discolored, cracked, and dried out. The live limb has a healthier more rich color tone, together, and flexible. You can also see that the new growth is much more abundant than the dead limb. The texture of the dead limb is very rough while the texture of the live limb is smooth. If you try to break the dead limb, it’s easy to snap apart. Whereas if you try to break the live limb, it’s more difficult and will rip cut or tear by its live moist wood. Live limbs usually have vibrant terminal buds, and dead limbs terminal buds are dried up, black or dark brown, or completely nonexistent depending on how long the branch has been dead.

Next stop, executing tree cutting safely. Are you confident enough to do the entire process yourself? Are you sure that you’ll not be needing any help from a professional? Before you take hold of any severing gadget, make certain that you have sufficient knowledge regarding said activity. Even if you’ll follow the points presented herein, same could not guarantee your safety.

If you want to know more about tree transplanting then stay updated with Tree Need Surgeon. Nowadays more trees are shifting these cities. There are many reasons of tree transplanting. They are placed into a garden or a public park so that it can be a good source of attraction. Another reason for tree transplanting is that, they are shifted in those areas in which there are gardeners or peoples who are there to care them. Tree sales, tree transplanting, soil analysis and remediation in Chicago for over 30 years.