Driven piles retain their shape which means that testing and modeling will provide accurate results and there will be little to no deviation from these figures. Hollow piles can be easily inspected to ensure they have retained their integrity while solid piles can be dynamically tested further ensuring that the piles themselves retained their shape and kept their integrity even after subsequent piles were added.

driven piles for offshore applications

Grundomat driven piles are extremely flexible. There are various different hammers that offer a range of sizes and are able to accommodate even some of the most restrictive and difficult access points. This means that engineers and construction companies can benefit from being able to install high quality piles without the need for overly costly installation techniques. They are also very accurate and offer low vibration rates which mean that there is minimal displacement and piles are placed exactly where required with no guess work.

The flexibility of Grundomat driven piles lies in the fact that they can be used where other pile driving solutions simply cannot. Restricted access needn’t be a problem and this means that driven piles can be added in extremely hard to reach situations while still only requiring a small pile driving team consisting of 2 people.

Factors such as soil conditions, material durability, costing, location and structure type, decides upon the piles type to be used for the foundation piling. Driven piles are stable in soft squeezing soils and can condensing loose soil and therefore pile driving contractors prefer driven piles for offshore applications. Bored piles also have their importance. They are prevalent in metropolitan areas due to nominal vibration. There is no such requirement for large headroom for using them and can be used even in restricted access.

There are two types of piles, namely end bearing piles and friction piles. Driven piles are prefabricated off site and then driven into the ground. And if boring and pouring done simultaneously then piles are termed as continuous fight augured or CFA piles.